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Zeva Umbrella

Zeva provides a fully outsourced service for umbrella contractors, reducing your business costs along with cutting the burden of your employment administration.

We build trusting relationships with our clients by providing a bespoke payroll solution that suits the needs of their business.

By acting as the employer we are able to lessen the liabilities and challenges of engaging a flexible workforce.

This approach improves the business performance of the agency through cost saving and administration efficiencies.

Zeva is able to act as the temporary worker’s employer across the range of assignments they may work on, processing their pay and tax through the PAYE system.

Key benefits:

  • Over 10 years of experience providing outsourced PAYE solutions
  • Increases agency profit margins
  • Employer responsibilities are absorbed
  • Reduces administrative operating costs
  • Provides comprehensive insurance
  • Offers worker access to comprehensive insurance cover, employment rights and benefits including holiday pay
  • Prompt payment – direct into their bank account
  • The support of a dedicated team to assist with any queries
  • Text message to confirm payment
  • Peace of mind that you are dealing with a fully compliant company